Basic Rules and Etiquette You Need to Know While Playing Golf

Golf can be termed as one of the most sophisticated sports around the world. A game of golf is not as easy as most people think. This is the kind of sport that people know about, but they rarely know how to play it. Golf is known to be a peaceful and relaxing sport, and thus you cannot play golf while you are stressed. It may seem like a straightforward sport of just swinging the golf club however if you visit a golf course you will be able to understand how complicated the game is. The competition involves a lot of rules and etiquette that a golfer must abide by and failure to do this you can be disqualified from playing golf internationally and in local golf courses and golf clubs. see pattaya golf clubs

Golf is governed by specific rules and regulations that will ensure your safety and the safety of other players. The golf etiquette will show respect to the course and others around you since golf is played in close proximity to other people. It is important to note that you may not learn these rules in a day and thus there is a need for you to visit different golf course and golf club websites to gain more knowledge on regulations revolving around playing golf. more phuket golf clubs

Firstly, the dress code in golf is critical, actually different golf clubs and golf courses will have different dress codes that you need to abide by before you can tee at their 18 hole course. You need to dress appropriately for the course you cannot further expose certain parts of your body. Ensure that you choose an outfit that you are comfortable with. Further, you can get a golf glove to able you grip your golf club properly.

Secondly, lateness is taken very seriously in golf. You need to arrive on time and get ready to tee time. Ensure that you join your party early enough and stay with your party as you walk around the course. You are also required to allow the faster group to go ahead of you so as you do not hold back the party behind you.

While driving the golf cart, you must be careful to only drive on the designated areas without speeding. While parking the golf cart ensure that it doesn't get in the way of other golfers. Always be cautious of other peoples safety by always knowing where other people are before taking a shot.